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Powerfully Deterring & Swift Detection

Intruder alarms are a fantastic deterrent to an opportunist thief or trespasser on your property.

Should the offender be more determined to enter your property, you can be assured that the intrusion will be detected immediately and the alarm sounded, alerting passers-by to the trespass and notifying nominated key-holders via the Texecom Connect App.

Clients taking subscription to our partnership alarm monitoring station can also be confident that the police will be promptly dispatched.

All our alarm systems are put onto the Texecom Cloud allowing us to remotely manage any issues that may arise in a timely and cost-effective manner.

X16 Systems offer a comprehensive range of Texecom intruder alarm systems for your home or business, utilising the latest networking technology so that your alarm can be integrated into a larger security ecosystem. 

We also offer a full complimentary site survey, consciously considering your specification and budget.

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Decrease The Risk of Damage & Loss of Life

Fire alarms are vital in keeping your staff and family safe. An effective, well-maintained fire alarm system – also known as a fire detection system is a legal requirement for most businesses. You must have a well-fitted, good quality fire alarm system that suits your specific premises in order to be legally compliant.

We offer a range of alarm systems from conventional fire alarms to fully computer programmable analogue addressable systems, each giving you the vital warning needed in the case of a fire to greatly reduce the risk of injury or loss of life.

We supply only the most reliable and up to date fire alarm technology, and make sure that all of our products are to the highest industry standard.

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For Ultimate Peace of Mind

For the ultimate peace of mind in domestic or commercial services, we can connect you with the UK’s leading monitoring station, providing 24 hour surveillance of your intruder, fire or CCTV system.

This remote security service means that your premises are being protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week – and when you need them most, you will be dealing with a person on the other end of the phone who is ready to call 999.

Working with Southern and Norther Monitoring, we can create a bespoke smart monitoring system for your home or business.

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